Below are the details on our AuroraGPT scripts (SDR 3.1, SDR 3 and SDR 2)

SDR 3.1 - NEW!!

This is our Flag Ship product. NEW!!

SDR 3.1 Released 9/12/13
Based on the AuroraGPT 408 But with many improvements and is now compatible with PHP 5.3!

This is the latest upgrade to SDR3 and includes everything from SDR3 plus the following changes/updates

UPGRADE: All deprecated php functions, Codes removed and replace with up to date functions
UPGRADE: Old dead codes removed (dead payment processors, functions, old features, etc.)
UPGRADE: SolidTrustPay Added
UPGRADE: OKPay added
UPGRADE: Perfect Money added (With the updated .is domain)
UPGRADE: Paypal Headers updated to comply with http 1.1
UPGRADE: Alertpay upgraded to payza (Official update)
FIXED: Payment method now shows in unprocessed orders
FIXED: Script backup method problems fixed, admins can take database backups from inside admin panel
FIXED: Backup cron adjusted so now owners can set backups to run automatically at the time of their choice
FIXED: Orphan Referrals to allociate entirely removed now all members with no upline will be registered with no upline
UPGRADE: Old recaptcha removed and new captcha system integrated
UPGRADE: Extra security updates added to the script, focusing on users operations related files
UPGRADE: Login and register page improved with more error messages notifications
UPGRADE: Script optimized to use less resources on hosting
UPGRADE: Lots of enhancements to internal files including complete restructure of some pages
UPGRADE: Members now can delete the referrals they choose from their downline
FIXED: Internal messages errors fixed
UPGRADE: Extra stats added in member's profile page
UPGRADE: Option in admin panel to check for latest version of the script
FIXED: Shift Referrals and claim bonus features removed from members side (For security Reasons)
FIXED: Now script has only one downline level
FIXED: Password recovery method has been completely restructured to block the vulnerabilities in old password recovery system
UPGRADE: Option to put site under maintenance added to admin panel so owners can put site under maintenance while doing changes or modifications in the site
UPGRADE: If maintenance mod is active only admins will be able to login, other members will be redirected to maintenance page if they tried to login, also notification message will show in login page
UPGRADE: Stylish design for maintenance page added
UPGRADE: Templates now are selectable from admin panel , All templates available inside templates folder will show in a selectable drop down menu from admin side (This should prevent any typos mistakes while adding templates)
UPGRADE: Added option in admin panel to enable admin to block ips of hack attempts (Blocked IPs can be removed from deny ip manager in cpanel)
FIXED: Now standard member benefits should show to standard members on memberships page
FIXED: Fixed error of membership PTP, referrals purchased and upgrades bonuses not showing for upgraded members under their memberships in memberships page
FIXED: Fixed bug that direct referrals can be recycled, now only non direct referral are recyclable
UPGRADE: Admins now can arrange set terms of service order on site page from admin panel
UPGRADE: In member account page memberships remaining days replaced with membership expirey date
FIXED: In referrals page members now are able to arrange referrals according to all available fields
FIXED: Downline page will show now 25 referrals at a time, members can view rest of referrals on next pages (25 referrals per each page) to control page styling and help managing too many referrals
FIXED: Referral api option removed since it wasn't used and presented a security risks
FIXED: Script emailer system upgraded to works on php 5.x.x versions


In the SDR 3 we have started to really expand the capabilities of the aurora script and taking it to new levels and a more professional feel. As always, we have continued our focus on fixing errors and making improvements to the base aurora script.

Based on the AuroraGPT 408
Includes all the features of the SDR 2 plus the following:

New: Post Back addon Demo
New: Delete Unverified Accounts
New: Integrated SFM forum with default design
New: Multi Country Targeting for PTC, PTRE, PTRA, Click Exchange, PTSU ads.
New: Deny Login if joined IP and current IP does not match with admin enable / disable
New: Deny Login if current IP is used by another account with admin enable / disable
New: Admin Add Member page
New: Admins Quick Search tool
New: Admins Develop Email List tool
New: Admins PopUp Message to members
New: Find Members where Signup IP is different than Last IP
New: Min. Clicks to request payout with different settings for standard and upgraded members (per membership package) with admin enable / disable.
New: Min. Clicks required to get Referral earnings with admin enable / disable and Upgraded member exception.
New: Upgraded Members now receive an earning bonus for PTC, PTSU, PTRE, PTRA, CE for their clicks which is set by the membership package.
New: Maximum Direct Referrals with different settings for standard and upgraded members (per membership package) with admin enable / disable
New: Orphaned Referral settings for number of days inactive and min click requirements to be sold.
New: Emails to Members on New Referral with admin enable / disable
New: Emails to Upgraded Members on Referral purchases with admin enable / disable
New: Purge Deleted Members from Database
New: Purge Site Logs from Database
New: Purge Error Logs from Database
New: Purge Footprints from Database
New: Upgraded Members Only Pending Payment Request page

Updated: Several new secuirty issues added. (Sept. 1, 2011 Update)
Updated: Country verification switched to IP2Nation databaase on join. (Sept. 1, 2011 Update)
Updated: Security Updates to the Lottery and Message Systems. (Aug 1,2011 Update)
Updated: Added Country Targeting info on Admins Ad Activation pages.
Updated: If activated, Daily Click special info now shows up on the Members Earn Page.
Updated: If activated, The Reward Zone now shows up on the Members Earn Page.
Updated: If activated, X-Stage Rewards now shows up on the Members Earn Page.
Updated: Delete Member function now removes pending payment requests during delete action.
Updated: Overall Stats to include income from all payment processors.
Updated: Members Delete Ad function now places any credits on the ad back into their accounts.
Updated: Number of referrals available to fill request added to admin recycle referrals request page.
Updated: Added Retract Popup credits option for members.
Updated: Added Popup credits to Members account page.
Updated: Added Message stating "You must be an upgraded member to request payout" if payouts are limited to upgraded members only.
Updated: Added Suspended and days inactive columns to the pending payouts request page.

Fixed: Not recording last IP on login (8-1-11 update).
Fixed: Payment Options do not show verification method when edit. (7-1-11 update).
Fixed: Exchange Ads - surf error fix. (7-1-11 update).
Fixed: Purge Ads issues. (7-1-11 update).
Fixed: Outside views go up with every click (11-15-10 update and up).


The SDR-2 is a major improvement over the SDR 1.1b, with attention focused on improving admin capabilities and extending
our aim on finding and fixing errors in the base aurora script.

SDR 2 Updated Sept 1, 2011
Based on the AuroraGPT 408
Includes all the features of the SDR 1.1b plus the following:

New: Reward Zone game for the click exchange (11-15-10 Update)
New: Recycle Referrals addon
New: Members country is updated with login based on last IP
New: New help.php file that does not create a hole in the script.
New: Admin choice of no cpatha, number captha, word captha, or both on join.
New: Admin review page that works with the new bot detection ad that allows delete, suspend, or clear marker options.
New: Purge PTP (popup ads) Ads
New: Approve PTP (popup ads) with admin enable / disable
New: Daily Click Bonus addon with admin enable / disable
New: Find Members with failed PTSU module, with delete, suspend, and clear marker options.

Updated: Several new secuirty issues added. (Sept. 1, 2011 Update)
Updated: Country verification switched to IP2Nation databaase on join. (Sept. 1, 2011 Update)
Updated: Ip2Nation database updated. (10K new records) (2-15-11 Update)
Updated: Daily click bonus no longer goes through the site settings so they can be locked. (2-15-11 Update)
Updated: Admin Panel reorganzied so that options can be found easier and with less clicks. (2-15-11 Update)
Updated: Members account page to include Referrals earnings today. (2-15-11 Update)
Updated: Added Advertisers user name to PTC/PTRE/PTRA/XSITES ad activation page. (2-15-11 Update)
Updated: Added Points to the X-Stages. (2-15-11 Update)
Updated: Made the Click Exchange ads random instead of sequential. (2-15-11 Update)
Updated: Added a message on the click bar when xstages awards are given to members (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Join file to have ptre and admin emails set to optin per default (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: xstages now allows cents for cash awards. (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Removed the requirement for admin approval of members (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Ticket system now allows both sender and receiver to delete message without deleting the others message (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Descr. on members PTSU earnings page, color changed to green (11-5-10 Update)
Updated: Payouts settings page to better explain the 2 settings. (11-5-10 Update)
Updated: Exchange credits added to the convertor. (11-5-10 Update)
Updated: Table width on profile page reduced to accodamate 3 col. templaes (11-5-10 Update)
Updated: Anti-bot ads updated for better efficency and detection (11-5-10 Update)
Updated: Contest page to include Daily Click Bonus (11-5-10 Update)
Updated: Daily Limit on Link Ads restricted to 25 views or highier (9-15-10 Update)
Updated: My Account link added to timer bar, (9-15-10 Update)
Updated: Total # of Refs Available to purchase added to purchase page (9-15-10 Update)
Updated: Stats on Top 5 Clickers for the daily/weekly/monthly click contest added to the contest page (9-15-10 Update)
Updated: PTSU format to include (signup description and deny message on members pages), (signup description and status on Member My Ads page), (Status on Admin manger page), (signup description and deny message on admin ptsu edit page), and PTSU stats on members account page.
Updated: Admin Edit_user page to include a review of members denied PTSUs.
Updated: Admin Edit_user page to include if a member is supsended or not and page is sortable by this field also.
Updated: Members My Ads PTP (popup ads) page to include ad status and deny message
Updated: Members account page to included My Upline
Updated: Admin Failed Log page to include check / uncheck all option.
Updated: Admin choice of no captha, number captha, word captha, or both capthas on login.
Updated: Anti-Bot ads to include delete ad (with reason), zero balance ad (with message containing reason), and admin review ad
Updated: Warnings Addon to include total number and list warnings issued to a member on Admins edit_user page
Updated: Referrals Contest Leaders added to the contest page that automatically updates and resets with the referrals contest
Updated: Lottery Admin page to include stats on winners for the last 5 drawings including ticket number and user name
Updated: Lottery Members page to include user name of winners and generally look better
Updated: Members account page now shows Cheat Check fails.
Updated: Added back the Admin emailer log.

Corrections to AuroraGPT 408:
FIXED: Bot Detector not always picking up cheaters. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Admins Mass payout manager page does not list payout method in history area. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Admins Country Targeting page does not list members per country. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Admins Country Fix page stating 25 instead of 100. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Cpanel errors from admin panel. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Daily Cheat Check Failures do not reset. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Fbanners not resetting when daily limit reached. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Dot in the Ads listing removed. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Placed a temporary fix for Liberty Reserve purchases. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Weekly upgrades only start off with 6 days. (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Swap Referrals to Cash was not removing referral or showing the bonus. (11-15-10 update only) (2-15-11 Update)
FIXED: Swap Referrals for Cash was not working for more than one referral (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Ads loosing credits when members do not complete validation (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Guest viewing ads sometimes get an error (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Country Blocker not working (SDR 2 only 11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Referral Builder not listing description (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Specials ad not showing fix and percentage buy fees (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Daily Income total does not include pymts from unprocessed order (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Multiple decimals in SPECIALS (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: PTRA credits activation is not consistent on products and settings page. (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: PTRA settings page has wording for PTRE settings page. (11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Terms page tag mismatched. (SDR 1 and 2 series only 11-5-10 Update)
FIXED: Total Income on Stats Page is Not Correct (9-15-10 Update)
FIXED: 2nd "Do not lock my IP" notice was removed on login page (SDR 2 only 9-15-10 Update)
FIXED: Swap to referrals crediting bonus without transferring ref (SDR 1 & 2 only 9-15-10 Update)
FIXED; FAds and FLinks do not apporve when admin approve is deactived (9-15-10 Update)
FIXED: PTRA were not editable from members side, (9-15-10 Update)
FIXED: E-Mails adds were not editable from members side (9-15-10 Update)
FIXED: Warnings Addon suspending members after 2 warnings (SDR 1 series only)
FIXED: Warnings Addon listing the wrong date for the warning (SDR 1 series only)
FIXED: Admins Suspend Inactive members page list members already suspended in summary (SDR 1 series only)
FIXED: PTSU not crediting points issues,
FIXED: Downline clicks do not update on members account page.
FIXED: Advertisers PTSU does not update members PTSU stats
FIXED: Paypal purchase do not go through if payments are not in .XX format
FIXED: Your Dowline page, total clicks and clicked today are not correct
FIXED: Admin mass emailer sends emails to all members regardless if members opted out or if they are suspended